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Reddish Gold
particle diameter:
Characteristic description:
Substrate: Mica,Fe2O3,TiO2 Application: Eye shadow,Nail polish,Lipstick,Make-up Powder.

From head to foot, consumers select personal care products that reflect themselves. With today’s diverse consumer demands and product variety, visual appearance and functionality are more important than ever. Develop discerning products in oral, hair, and body care with our wide range of effect pigments, creating eye-catching colors, sparkles, and effects that promise consumers an extraordinary appearance and experience.


Reddish Gold effect pigment is a vibrant and dynamic deep gold mica based pearl pigment color. At a smaller micron size, the product has ideal characteristics that delivers a strong and intense color profile across complex makeup applications.

Cosmetic grade golden effect pigments are very fine powdered mica pigments that are non-toxic, inert, and can be mixed into virtually any viscous, transparent medium and applied to any surface.

The finer the particle is, the better coverage it has; the larger the particle is, the more shiny it is. Depending on the particle size, you can choose to get a smooth luster with good coverage effect, can also a sparkle shining luster, or any effects between them.


For examples, 10-60μm is common particle size, if you want the matte effect, you can choose less than 60μm, on the contrary, this is the bright effect.


Non-toxic, good pearl with low specific gravity

Light resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, kali resistance

Non-conductive, non-magnetic

Very stable chemical properties

Usual applications:

Cosmetic ApplicationProportion(%)
Eye shadows10-40
Eyebrow Pencils5-15
Make-up Powder5-10
Nail Polish5-15


Yortay has extremely high quality requirements for products, especially the whole chain of supply, including raw materials, production environment, technology, quality control, etc, thus finally can ensure finished products’ safety, stability, and sterility, through strictly monitored in every processing.

Packing & Delivery :

We can meet any of your customized requirements, such as special package, your own logo, natural ingredients, new mica color match, MSDS & TDS are available etc.







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