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Chameleon Pearls

  • Chameleon pearlescent pigment are made from transparent sheets, and coated with multilayer metal oxide or non-metal oxide. The percentage of each material needs to be precisely controlled to make unique colours. The diffraction of light combines with our pigment provides a unique effect on items. 

    Chameleon pearlescent pigments continuously change colours but do not interfere with each other when viewing in different angles. These chameleon powder have good advantages on luster, brightness and colour varying effect. Due to its benefits, it offers significant potential on styling as well as colour shifting, which can organically display various presentation on an object. 

    High-quality chameleon pearlescent pigment has the following advantages but are not limited to: 

    1.Natural presentation of colour changes and shifting;

    2.Resistance to external environmental changes and damages is great; 

    3.Free from Toxic materials.

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