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Xiramix T60-23

Xiramix T60-23
Interstellar blue
particle diameter:
less than 30μm
Characteristic description:
Xiramix T60-23, automotive paint

Xiramix not only provides creative colors, brilliant shimmer and stable performance, but reaches a milestone to the product development of high-end automotive coatings.

Finely controlled and tight particle size distribution. Unprecedented tridimensional sparkle with extraordinary brightness. Rich color presents incredibly high color intensity and hiding power. Excellent weather resistance performance.Xiramix is a competitor of Xirallic,Xiramix is comparable to Xirallic in terms of quality and effect, and has an advantage in price.

automotive paint

Xiramix T60-23 is the latest achievement and newest generation of automotive paint from Yortay. Its key feature comes from the unique flaky aluminosilicate substrate. With layers of reflective oxide coatings, Xiramix offers highly reflective and intense glittering effect with extraordinary color saturation and excellent hiding performance. Under direct light such as the Sun, the tridimensional and multi-reflective visual effect is stunning.

Xiramix automotive paint

Automobile paint pigment have been widely used in automobile OEM original paint and high-grade repair paint. Yortay adopts strict production process and precise particle size control system, combined with special coating process. It has passed multiple rigorous artificial aging test, coating film adhesion and scratch knife test, which all meet international standards.

Xiramix automotive paint

This type of high sparkle effect was once thought to only have been achieved through the processing of alumina platelets. Xiramix has broken the inflexible and exclusive supply chain of such products with its unique substrate and uncompromising quality. Yortay has developed a novel, cost-effective, and eco-friendly process that gives Xiramix  a breathtaking effect while lowering the price and reducing energy consumption.

Xiramix automotive paint

Yortay utilizes the superior coating technology and strictly controlled raw materials to produce Xiramix, providing you with a stable and perpetual supply.

Xiramix automotive paint

CodeColorParticle Size(μm)AluminosilicateFe2O3TiO2SnO2SiO2Ce2O3Polymer
F60-51Bright red5-30OO

T60-10Crystal White5-30O
T60-23Interstellar blue5-30O
T60-24Stellar Green5-30O
T60-20Golden Dream5-30O
T60-21Pink Mauve5-30O
F60-50Blaze Copper5-30OO

Yortay is the leading automotive paint pearl pigment supplier in China and the primary supplier to several world renowned industries which are in the market of automotive Coating. Yortay has extremely high quality requirements for products. We have very strict standard on the whole chain of supply, including raw materials, production environment, technology, quality control, etc, thus finally can ensure finished products’ safety, stability, and sterility, through strictly monitored in every processing. After the recognition of European and American customers such as the United States, Germany, Spain, we believe that our products will not let you down.

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