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Weather Resistance Light Green

Weather Resistance Light Green
particle diameter:
less than 60μm
Characteristic description:
Weather Resistance Light Green, car paint

Automobile grade pearlescent materials have been widely used in automobile OEM original paint and high-grade repair paint. Yortay adopts strict production process and precise particle size control system, combined with special coating process. It has passed multiple rigorous artificial aging test, coating film adhesion and scratch knife test, which all meet international standards.

car paint

Interference pearlescent car paint is also called iridescent pearl powder. Yortay color interference pearlescent powder has interference gold, interference red, interference violet interference blue, interference green,  According to the particle size  , there are 5-25μm, 10-45μm, 10-60μm. Yortay pearlescent powder has the advantages of high temperature resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, no color change, no conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection and so on.

CodeColorParticle Size(μm)Synthetic micaMicaTiO2SnO2Ce2O3Polymer

Car paint is processed with special chrome free surface treatment for extremely strong UV and moisture resistance for Exterior application, such as Automotive Coating, Car Refinish Coating.

car paint

Yortay Weather Resistance Pearlescent Pigments (Car Paint) have passed Q-U-V 240 hours test conducted by Atlas South Florida Test Service in Miami, USA, and 6 years Inland Weather Test.

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It shows high weather resistance by applying technology of multi-coating and special surface treatment. It has critical particle size distribution and strict inspection process on hue control, weather resistance and adhesion test. Yortay is one of the main suppliers for many global automotive painting enterprises.

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Yortay is the leading car paint supplier in China and the primary supplier to several world renowned industries which are in the market of automotive Coating. Yortay has extremely high quality requirements for products. We have very strict standard on the whole chain of supply, including raw materials, production environment, technology, quality control, etc, thus finally can ensure finished products’ safety, stability, and sterility, through strictly monitored in every processing. After the recognition of European and American customers such as the United States, Germany, Spain, we believe that our products will not let you down.

Free samples can be sent for your test first.

Packing & Delivery :  We can meet any of your customized requirements, such as special package, your own logo, natural ingredients, new mica color match, MSDS & TDS are available etc.

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