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What material is pearl powder and what is its relationship with cosmetics?


What material is pearl powder and what is its relationship with cosmetics?

Many people may not know pearl powder, but if you talk about the cosmetics used by girls, such as eye shadow, nail polish and other products, everyone may know that these products have pearl powder in them. Besides, there are other places that are useful. To pearl powder?

What material is pearl powder?

Pearlescent pigments are non-toxic, high temperature resistant, light resistant, acid and alkali resistant, non-spontaneous, non-combustible, non-conductive, non-migrating, and can meet the different needs of coatings, plastics, inks, leather, printing and dyeing, rubber, paper, cosmetics and other industries. Make the appearance of the products in these industries more splendid and bright.

From cosmetics, cigarette cases, alcohol, gift packaging, to business cards, greeting cards, calendars, book covers, to pictorial printing, textile printing, pearl powder is everywhere, giving consumers a pleasing feeling after using pearl powder . At present, the most produced and widely used pearl powder in the world is based on natural mica flakes (the size of mica ranges from 4 μm to 120 μm, and the thickness is about 0.5 μm). Multilayer titanium or other metal oxides.

Pearlescent powder can be used for:

1. Pearlescent pigments can be used in transparent and translucent plastic resins, and the use of pearlescent pigments will bring a charming color visual effect. Usually, the resin with better transparency can fully display the unique luster and color effect of pearlescent pigments. Widely used in cosmetic containers, various types of packaging, toys, decorative materials, various films and other plastic products.

2. Pearlescent pigment is made of natural mica, which is resistant to high temperature and does not contain toxins. It is in full compliance with the International Food and Drug Hygiene Regulations (FDA), harmless to the human body and does not hurt the skin and eyes. The colors are diversified and the color matching is convenient. It can be used to produce different cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, liquid eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, nail polish, hair cream, moisturizing cream, hair spray and so on.

3. Pearlescent pigments have good dispersibility and good physical and chemical properties, so they are widely used in the coating industry. No matter what kind of monochromatic paint is mixed with pearlescent pigment, it can become pearlescent paint, and its pearlescent and metallic luster effect is impressive. Pearlescent coatings have been used in automobiles, motorcycles, daily necessities, building materials and many other fields.

4. Pearlescent pigments have a strong decorative effect. They can be used alone or mixed with other pigments and added to various ink bodies, and then through silk screen printing, gravure printing, or flexo printing, the pearlescent ink is made, which can be Add elegant candlelight and metallic effects to paper, cardboard, wallpaper, plastic, textiles.

The production process of pearl powder seems simple, but the actual production technology is complex and involves many disciplines. Pearlescent powder is a new concept of optical color-changing pigments, which has a broad development space. With the deepening of research, the production cost will be continuously reduced, and a broader road will be opened for the widespread application of mica-titanium pearlescent powder in the near future, giving users a choice. Product and use create more convenience.






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