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The application of YORTAY Pearl Pigments in food

YORTAY Pearl Pigments in food

The application of YORTAY Pearl Pigments in food

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of food is also constantly escalating. While ensuring the flavor of the food, the beautiful appearance often attracts the attention of consumers and brings higher value to the product. YORTAY food-grade pearlescent pigments can easily create mouth-watering product effects. Whether you want to make holiday-limited products, delicious and photogenic food for party events, or create a high-end product line, you can find suitable colors here. And effect pigments.

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Used in alcoholic beverages

In the highly competitive beverage market, products are constantly updated and iterated, functional beverages, women's beauty beverages, children's beverages... increasingly subdivided categories symbolize opportunities and challenges. Cold silver, luxurious gold or other colored food-grade pearlescent powder can not only ensure that each beverage container is full of rich colors; it also meets the international safety standards for food and medicine.

When making wine, do you want a cosmic starry sky effect? Or the visual effect of a passionate volcano? The unique pearlescent sparkle effect of YORTAY food grade pearlescent pigments can definitely meet your requirements, bring a trace of mystery to the wine, and increase the fun of drinking.

Used in baked goods

According to your needs, whether it is subtle luster or brilliant sparkle effect, YORTAY pearlescent pigments can find suitable effect pigment products for you. YORTAY food-grade pearlescent pigments are easily integrated into decorations and can be combined with many other colors. They meet quality standards, so you can use them with confidence.

Used in candy, chocolate, chewing gum

According to recent market research conducted in the confectionery industry, the pearlescent effect can significantly increase consumers' sensory experience and desire to buy, and increase the value of customers' products. Excellent colors create great potential for the shape of food and packaging. YORTAY food-grade pearlescent pigments add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to high-quality candy, chocolate, and chewing gum products.

Apply to ice cream

YORTAY food-grade pearlescent pigments add an irresistible cooling element to ice cream, creating a high-end and luxurious image. Excellent stability, help you create differentiated products, and release huge development potential in the food market.






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