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Chinese Red
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Characteristic description:
Brilliant luster and strong color effect; High purity; Good dispersibility: Stability of quality and color

To pursue beauty is every woman's dream. T30-01 is exactly developed to focus on cosmetic market. She is featured in cosmetic industries, wildly used for nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, which give your products the unique charm and appealing. As the national color of China, red symbolizes much of traditional Chinese culture. Scarlet embodies the vitality of the sunrise and the brilliancy of the sunset, bringing an auspicious and passionate soul to the new generation of pearl pigments. With saturation qualities as intense as organic pigments, she exhibits magnificent colors along with unmatched dimensional visual effects. 

She consist of self-produced, superior synthetic mica substrate along with different coating layers, ingeniously control the thickness of flake and proportion of material, finally she explains high pure and also luxuriant color effect. With strong colors that mirror  fascinating brilliance and affluence, she shows high performance in cosmetics.


In the meanwhile, she has excellent effect in refractive index, reflection, transmission of light.

Red is one of the most iconic colors in the fashion industry. Whether being utilized by the aesthetic imagination or decorative expression, she provides exquisite performance in both traditional and modern products.

In the long run, superior raw material with good quality will high up your products' level and help your products be more competitive in the market, more attractive to people. There is no doubt that T30-01 Chinese scarlet will the best choice for you !

She well explains what is gorgeousness and brilliance, which give us a wonderful feast of vision.

We believe she will undoubtedly help your products catch more customers' eyes and  

make you be the one who lead the trend of cosmetic market.


The advantages of T30-01

Low of heavy metal contents;

Brilliant luster and strong color effect;

High purity;

Good dispersibility.

Stability of quality and color.

Yortay is the leading pearl pigment supplier for cosmetics in China and the primary supplier to several world renowned cosmetic industries globally. The cosmetic series is strictly monitored to ensure safety, stability, and sterility. Our cosmetic line incorporates UV protection that guarantees quality purity, whiteness, gloss, color, brightness, transparency, smoothness, compression, and adhesion of our material. Having been recognized by many European and American customers such as America, Germany, Spanish ect, we believe our products will not let you down.








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