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Industry Recommendation

For automotive paint

Yortay's automotive grade pearlescent pigments has been widely used in OEM automotive surface paint and top grade retinisket paint, deeply recognized and praised by the famous surface coating manufacturer around the world. Now we has become one of the few professional pearlescent pigments supplier with high weather resistant automotive grade pigments .Our strict production process, precise control system on particle size , and special coating technology helps our pearl pigments have the advantages of deep color, high gloss, narrow particle size distribution,  strong hydrophilicity, and good waterproof performance. Several rigorous aging tests assure our mica pigments have reached even exceeded the standard requirements. There are many senior doctors engaged in quality inspection and customer service, such as paint film adhesion, scribe cutter detection and so on.

      Automotive paint generally has four basic ingredients: film-forming substances (resins), pigments (including body pigments), solvents and additives.



The pulping should be dispersed in advance and then mixed in the lacquer.

production engineering

According to its processing technology, the production has the traditional main color pulp method and the single color pulp method.

Monochrome paste method is to separate the pigments in the film-forming material to make the color paste, then according to the formula, mixed the main film-forming material, various color pulps, auxiliaries and solvents evenly, and then mixed them into color paste.

The main color paste method is to add all the pigments in the formula to the abrasive paint, disperse and grind, then add transparent resin, auxiliary, solvent and so on to finish the paint after fineness is qualified.

2.Mixing paint and matters needing attention

(1). Pearlescent pigments can be used with transparent dyes or pigments to achieve a unique and beautiful color effect, but if mixed with opaque pigments, the pearl gloss will be reduced.

(2). The particles of pearlescent pigment can be destroyed by mixing with high shear force or long agitation, which is the reason why the pearl gloss is reduced.

(3). Ink or paint at low viscosity, pearlescent pigment particles will precipitate, when used please stir.

(4). As a result of complementary color phenomenon, do not use pearlescent pigment rainbow color series products mixed.


3.Process and process of Automotive spray paint

(1)Anti-rust and internal spraying of the car body


(3)Dust removal


(5)Spray primer, intermediate paint, topcoat, varnish, repeated grinding, dust removal, cleaning, care work after the spray primer, intermediate paint, topcoat, varnish, repeated grinding, dust removal, cleaning, care work.Spray finish,Pearl paint is very special, the pearl paint contains very high permeability of mica particles, so the ability of covering is very poor. When spraying, it is necessary to spray a coat of paint that is similar to the color of the primer or the same color bottom to improve the covering ability, and then spray the pearl paint. Re-spray finish varnish on pearl lacquer.


(7)waxing and polishing.

4.Construction environment

(1). The ambient temperature of spray paint room is generally 20 ℃ 25 ℃ is the most suitable.

(2). If the vehicle needs to be sprayed in the cold outdoor before spraying, it should be first placed in the spray room heated baking for a period of time to make the spray surface to the appropriate temperature.

(3). In winter construction, the temperature of coating is also very important. It is necessary to keep heat preservation or hot water heating method to make the coating reach the suitable spraying temperature.







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