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Can pearlescent pigments be used in food?


Can pearlescent pigments be used in food?

Pearlescent pigments can create a variety of amazingly brilliant effects. And the beauty of using pearl powder is that it can also be added to food. If you've ever wondered what's the secret to the pearly color of food decoration, this is the answer. Pearlescent pigments are fully tested and approved by the FDA, which means it can be used in a variety of food products, including candy, ice cream, cakes, chocolate, beverages, and more.

What is Pearlescent Pigment for Food?

Food-grade pearlescent pigments provide visual effects that make any type of sweet treat appealing. Also, when used in a bakery, it provides a unique feel to any product served. Pearlescent pigment powder has a flake-like structure, making it heat-resistant and non-reactive with water.

Why use pearl pigments for food use?

There are several reasons to use pearlescent pigment powder to decorate different foods. Mostly it enhances the visuals and creates a unique look. In addition, pearlescent pigments can:

Enhance your brand image and attract new customers thanks to a unique visual setup;

Brings an unparalleled visual and taste feast; pearl pigments can be safely added to a variety of baked goods, from cake decorating pearls to chocolate pearls;

Provides beautiful color and finish to any dish; pearlescent pigments come in a variety of colors, all of which look different depending on how the light hits the product.

Are pearlescent pigments safe to use in food?

So, if you want to use pearlescent pigments in food, you will have to consider the following points. First, one must choose a pearlescent pigment manufacturer with a certificate that guarantees the pigment is edible. GMP compliance is a must as it shows that the product complies with safety regulations. In addition, the characteristics and properties of pearlescent pigments are also essential. Edible pearlescent pigments are made from a high quality natural mica substrate and several other coatings.






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